Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dorgies and Plaster Bats

The scrap bucket was full so it was recycle time today. Lily, of the dynamic duo, Lily and Dash, was all for helping out ... yeah sure she was ;) ..... These two dorgies - 8 yr old rescue dogs, have been with us for a year now. Last January, our old lab cross Tisha, who lived to be a ripe old 14, had been gone for over a year and hubby was campaigning for a puppy. I was not up for all the peeing and chewing that goes with a puppy so suggested we adopt an adult dog ... maybe a senior as they are so hard to place (like I'm going to be one day ;)). Our search took us to the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS). Here are the mug shots and the write up that stole our hearts .... Travandashblog Lovey Weds. By mid Feb Dash & Lily were ours and our double doggie adoption adventures began! ohhhh yeahhh .... there are tales to tell but those are stories for another day.

Back to boring, snoring, recycling .... today I thought I'd share how to make a great clay recycling bat - a design courtesy of my ceramics prof. When it's a 2-5 hour drive (depending on the city we head to), including a $125 round trip ferry ride, to get to the pottery supply store, recycling clay becomes a necessity. To use, I mix 25% of my recycled clay with new clay so I'm not using the recycled clay on its own.

The basic frame is made with two 24" 2x2's and two 18" 2x2's, pre-drilled and screwed together, with the 18" pieces placed between the 24" pieces. Outside diameter is now 21" x 24". Four 21" 1x2's are added to the bottom, to both brace the frame, and raise the bottom of the finished bat up off the table to permit drying from underneath. 3.5 inch coated decking screws are screwed through the outside the frame every 4 inches. These act as anchors for the plaster to hold onto once set.

Place the frame topside down on a sheet of plexiglass or hard plastic coated with a thin coat of liquid dish soap or mold soap. Use masking tape to seal the frame to the hard surface.

The plaster mix is 9 kilograms (19.8 lbs for my US friends) #1 Potters Plaster to 6 kilograms (13.2 lbs) of water mixed per normal plaster making processes. Pour the prepared plaster carefully in between the braces up to the top edges of the frame and the bottom side of the braces. Set, clean and cure for at least a week. Voila .... Super Bat!

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