Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pots in the Gallery

The picture isn't the best (most of the gallery lights were off) but my gallery display at Artique is in place. Kudos to hubby, who did a great job with the shelving! I dropped by on Fri to see if things needed re-arranging. Yes, they did, which meant a few pieces had sold. Yeah!

Yesterday I muddled about in cyberspace updating my website. It's built with one of the tools offered by my webhosting provider and although it's not the worlds most intuitive software (Soholaunch), it's free with hosting package. I spent a lot of time with it two years ago, rebuilding my site when I thought I would try online sales. That effort (online sales that is), turned out to be a bit of a bust. Marketing online is itself a bit of a science and I just didn't have the cycles to go down that road. My daughter, a quilter, has tried to convince me to give Etsy a go as it's the one online handmade sales channel that does some marketing for you .... but I don't know .... in my heart, I just think pottery is one of those things better purchased in person. 


  1. ohhhhhhh thank you for the kick in the pants to dig into my website! I have completely ignored it and it could be such a great tool!

    And you have a husband who know how to use tools?????? WHOAAA!

  2. Yeah .... I am a lucky girl ... I have Tim the Tool Man ... I ask ... he builds!