Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Thinkin'

Spent my morning coffee time hanging out with potters from faraway places, whose words written in cyberspace, made me think .... and that can be dangerous for a middle aged brain!
MK from Sawdust and Dirt ruminates on the challenges of getting ones self back in the groove of work. I too have been dancing with the devil called procrastination since the rellies left after the holidays. When I read his post I had to ask myself why ... I think it's because the beginning of a new cycle means I have to do the grunt work before I can get to the good parts. The studio has to either be cleaned or at least tidied of the crap and clutter accumulated since the last kiln was unloaded - I like to start with a clean slate. And oh, right, of course all my workable clay has been used up so there goes a couple of days worth of work softening clay, recycling a few buckets of scraps and wedging ... yeah .. not my fave things to do. But the good news is as of this afternoon - its done ... 120 lbs of clay wedged and mug balls weighed and ready to go ... now the fun starts!!

MH from Whynot Pottery also posed the question of why are potters often other potters' best customers ... Why do we collect and use the wares of other potters? Hmmmm ... I can't speak for others but in my case I was a fan before I was a potter. I hardly have any of my own pots in my house but I do have a fair bit of pottery. When I hit the coffee cup cupboard in the morning, the best part is having to decide which potter I am going to share my morning cup with.
And I am sorry for all you potters struggling to keep your studios warm in the latest weather phenomenon called the 'Arctic/Polar Vortex' ... someone had fun coming up with that one! Cold studios are no fun to work in. We're kinda balmy here in the Canadian Southwest (aka the Pacific Northwest) but with my heater on the fritz, even I've taken a beverage break late this afternoon to warm my toes and hands by the fire.
Ahhhh...come to think about it ....it's too late in the day to start throwing. I'll get back at it first thing in the morning ..... ;))


  1. Hi Brenda... (I found you via TC's blog)..Happy New year from close by in Alberta! As a fellow procrastinator, I congratulate you on your new year's work in your studio... I started, last week, but got distracted...:).. tomorrow looks good. Happy creating. Trish

    1. So good to hear from you Trish! My procrastination continues but I have high hopes for tomorrow! .... Brenda

  2. Well I've cut my nails, wedged the clay and still need a kick start to get going! It's January, I want to hibernate and wake up skinny, kinda like a groundhog :)