Friday, January 3, 2014

New Venue

A few weeks back I got a call from Artique, our local artist co-operative, asking if I might be interested in applying for a spot in the co-op's gallery. I was, I did, and I got word just before Christmas my application had been approved.... yeah! ... a spot where I can take the pots to town! My little gallery here at home doesn't get a lot of traffic as we live 20 minutes or so 'south of town', in a rural area. In our little isolated city, that's considered a long way to travel ;). I have resisted applying to the co-op in the past because meeting and talking to the folks who buy my pots has been an important consideration for me. However, economics being what they are these days, getting more pots in front of more customers has become even more important.

So now the holidays are over, hubby and I have been working a plan for modular display furniture. I have to provide my own setup for the gallery and my assigned spot will change every 4 months so I need something I can morph with each move. I have been collecting display ideas for sometime as the ol' table display method I've been using for markets and fairs wasn't cutting it for me any longer. We've decided to do a version of this display setup ..... 

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