Thursday, April 1, 2010


Happy to be back in the studio (well almost back) after taking a multi-week winter hiatus!

I eased my way back to work with a day at the 2010 Clay Symposium ( at the Shadbolt in Burnaby mid March. Talk about inspiration in spades - especially Jack Troy - what an eloquent, captivating ceramicist! See . It was also a blast to see and visit with many of my Fraser Valley Potters Guild friends. Some of my new Powell River potter friends also attended for the first time. They were amazed by the variety of pots displayed in the Ceramic Roadshow.

When I got back home I helped out with a gas firing at our local Fine Arts Club - I need/want to get more experience firing with a brick gas kiln. I was hoping to get six of my Sand Wave relief tiles into the firing but unfortunately that didn't happen as I needed to have them fired all together at the same time. We decided I'd wait 'til next time. In between taking my turns to check the kiln, I spent the day throwing high fire clay pots so I could have something else to put into the next firing.

Speaking of the Fine Arts Club, they've asked me to teach again. Depending on numbers we might be able to get a class underway next week. Last year's students are turning out some great pots so I am looking forward to a new group of beginners. 

Last week I was back in my own studio for the first time since mid February but have had to take time away again this week - taxman is waiting and book-keeping, correspondence etc has also piled up and couldn't wait any longer. I will be back at 'er tomorrow. Stay tuned for new pots, new tiles and new glazes!