Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good-bye 2015

We're sure happy to see the hind end of 2015 in this household - and don't let the door smack you on the ass on the way out!

I am very much looking forward to 2016 .... I've started with some inquiries re getting back into the co-op gallery in town where I was in 2014. My renewed attempt at selling from my home gallery this past year was a bit of a bomb - I really like the personal sales factor when it comes to my pots so this makes me sad. I had hoped the guest house business would bring in more customers but not so. With everything that goes on in my life, I am challenged to keep regular hours which I am pretty sure is a big factor along with my out of town location. My goal in 2016 will be to make enough stock to keep a few pieces here at the studio for drop-ins and find a way to take the remainder of the pots 'to town' to one location or more.

I really enjoyed reading this blog post by Whitney Smith this morning .... the way of the half assed  .... as a result of her inspiration I am going to half ass my way into 2016 by getting doing something pottery studio related this weekend .... for sure studio cleanup and toss out (don't all potters start their new production cycles this way? :>)), maybe getting my inventory chores off my plate early, for sure putting clay on to soften and by next week I definitely should be able to get on with making a pot or two ..... yessss!

And since weather was a big topic in 2015, I'll end the last post of the year with pics of the gorgeous last day of the year .... doing what we get to do everyday .... walking the dogs down at the Lang Creek estuary ....

Up the Creek

Looking out towards the ocean

Across the pond

Happy New Year from Lily & Dash!

and a Happy New Year from me to all of you in potter blog land .... talk to you again in 2016!