Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pottery Class

I've been teaching Beginners Pottery at the local Fine Arts Club for the past 6 weeks. Tonight is the last class. It's been a blast! - hopefully the students got something out of it as well! Reminds me that teaching/training has always been a part of (and a favourite part of) the many jobs I've done over the years. Funny how it always seems to follow me.

We made a trip to 'The Island' yesterday, in part to pick up pottery supplies. I am looking for a new white clay as I haven't been very happy with the brand I've been using the past year - end results have been ok but I've had issues with how it handles. I had the pottery supply store order in a couple of the white Seattle Pottery clays so we shall see what transpires - sigh! - means more glaze testing! :>)

Countdown ....... 12 more days until the first of my four Christmas Fair and Market dates. The Raincoast Christmas Fair @ Dwight Hall is a 2 day affair - Nov 14/15. My merchandising friend V, has suggested table coverings of Christmas Red on Black will work well to show off the 'Sad Blue' pots and others :>) Glad she's coming out to help me set up!