Monday, May 10, 2010

May's Pots

It was a good Mother's Day - celebrated with warm wishes from my kids, dinner with family and my first kiln opening since Feb this year. Wow! - I can't believe it's been that long.

Highlights of Sunday's pots - a jinxed mug order from late last year, that took 3 attempts to get right, is finally done ..... YEAH! .... and Teapots - it's been a long time since I did teapots and they turned out not too bad. As always, though, there is room for improvement. I will give them another go with my next throwing round.

A successful firing, for me, is all about glazing. And glazing is my nemesis so when I watched Cathi Jefferson's video last week on Ceramic Arts Daily, something she said caught my attention. She talked about an article she read years ago that suggested you should limit the number of glaze colours you use, get to know those colours well and understand what you can do with them. I think I will make that my new glazing mantra ...... now the challenge will be to pick the ones I want to stick with :>) ..... to view the video see Ceramic Arts Daily - Cathi's Video

I am hoping to get one more fire on before leaving on vacation but we will see. There is a group of potters coming over from the island this week to meet up with the Fine Arts Club Potters for a potluck and a tour of local studios, including mine, so getting ready for that will be a priority.

Next week we will be off to to meet up with the grandkids for a Disney vacation so no potting again until end of May.