Monday, February 3, 2014

It ain't pretty (except maybe the toes;))

On Sunday morning I read the Whistle Creek blog post on karma and how life can throw you a curve in an instant. Later hubby, grandson E and I headed out for a dog walk along the beach. Encountering some slippery rocks E took a little tumble but was ok. We gave him a warning about watching where he stepped. Yuuup! .... not 3 minutes later over I went! ... or at least my body did while my foot stayed stationary. A day later I'm sporting some colourful bruises and a sprained ankle. It's not limb or livelihood threatening, thank goodness, but Dennis's words were ringing in my head, for sure. I guess I'm going to be left foot pedalling at the wheel 'cause I have some trimming that won't keep for long. Stay safe, my friends!


  1. Ooooooo nice toes!! Do they make yak trax for the beach????

    get better!!

  2. oh my!.. a stroll gone wrong.. ..been there, done that..(long story, so won't bore you with it).. Toes ARE lovely though.. Put some ice on that bruised leg too. Mend well.
    Trish from Alberta