Monday, October 19, 2009

Pots & Paws

Now that the showroom has been arranged to accommodate the new blue pots (see 'the blue shelves'), I am back in my throwing cycle. Last week it was bowls, platters and a start on tumblers. This week it will be more tumblers plus berry bowls and butter bells and whatever else I can get to. It's all hands - uh, make that two hands - on deck! Gotta get 'er done - Christmas Fair & Market dates are looming!
I have had some studio help - our cats,  Ninjah, Kramer, & Cali, who love to hang out with me in the studio during the day, have also been entertaining themselves in the studio overnight. One telltale sign is finding the sponge bowl empty in the morning and my sponges strewn about the studio. The other sign - if you look close you will see paw signatures in the pots :>)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blue about Blue

I unloaded the kiln yesterday after firing a full load of Opal Blue on Red Clay (Plainsman M390 for those who care). Testing the glaze at Cone 5 produced a beautiful vibrant blue, especially on red. I was so looking forward to finally having a Blue that I liked in time for my Christmas sales. But sadly, it was not to be. Due to 'operator error', the kiln over fired to Cone 6 which produced a not so vibrant blue. All the sad blue pots are below left .....

 BUT - good news - Susan J's Bark Baguette Tray in Variegated Slate Blue turned out pretty nice! The semi matte glaze brings out all that luscious bark texture.

Catching Up

Well, I am back giving this blogging thing another go after more than a year. This time I might actually publish it. Actually from the time of my first posts in March 2008 'til now, I have been too busy to even think about getting back to trying to figure this out.

Busy doing what you ask - moving, renovating, building a studio and showroom, making pots to put in the showroom, opening the showroom, trying to figure out that marketing thing, making more pots, still trying to figure out that marketing thing AND as always, making more pots. But did I mention - making more pots is my favourite part.

This blogging thing is a dilemma. On one hand I think - who the heck cares what I am doing in my life (I'm not a fan of continuous Facebook Status Updates ...... boring!) but on the other hand, I do have to figure out this marketing thing and apparently blogging is a marketing good thing. I also tell myself, those who read this, will do so by choice. THANKS, I appreciate your support. So let's get on with it and see how it goes ..........

Oh and btw - I also have a website for my studio and showroom Down to Earth Clayworks - check it out!