Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yes! ..... Spring!

Whew! Spring arrived right on time this morning, just before 10 AM .... with Sunshine in hand. The temp isn't what it should be this time of year on the beautiful southern, west coast of BC, Canada but we'll take it! Up front, I will say I'm truly sorry to all who still feel like they are in the middle of winter. It's been a long haul I'm sure but I hope my sharing of some pics from today, the official 1st day of Spring, will help to put you in a Spring mood ......
Prims and Pansies are planted (and initially covered to fend off our downpour and hail earlier this week)
Dash & Lily are happy to have their favourite deck sunshine spot open for business!
Our senior citizen kitty, Otis (now 16 or 17 years old), who isn't allowed outside in the winter, was happy to have a stroll on the deck
The dogs and I just got back from a beach walk. We have ocean on one side ....
... and the estuary on the other side. The tides are shifting to lows in the daytime hours, unveiling Lang Creek which is flowing fast with recent rains.
Lily is as usual, diving in after her aqua kong .....
.... And Dash's favourite past time is running the beach
The heron is fishing
And the mallards are basking in the sun
It won't be long now before we're all complaining it's too hot!;)) 

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