Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mini Mode

Today was mini day. I start every production cycle by throwing mini bowls of various shapes and sizes off the hump. It's my way of getting back into the throwing groove.

Customers love these little bowls and I love the stories about what they get used for. Most of this batch are destined for Costa del Sol. It's owned by Sarah and Michael, an enthusiastic young couple who came into my showroom a couple of years ago, brimming with excitement as they had just got the go ahead on opening their own Latin cuisine restaurant. Having both worked in restaurants for many years, they were realizing a long time dream. 


They came in looking for rustic serving dishes. As a result, I made them a series of trio servers for posole and mini plates and bowls for serving spices and salsa. Every once in a while they need bowl replenishments and I am happy to oblige. The restaurant has gone on to be a local favourite .... so happy for them!

I said in an earlier post I was happy to be done with red clay but it's Costa del Sol so I will grin and bear it. Está todo bien!


  1. Very nice, clay and all. :).. Little bowls, a great way to get back in the groove.
    Cheers, Trish.

    1. Hi Trish .... They are fun to throw ... no pressure - just go with the flow. Plus they make great kiln fillers. Thanks for checking in. It's good to hear from you again ... Brenda

  2. Hehe...... I just ordered red clay last week...... time for garden lanterns! Love the trio dishes!! Can't wait to see the little bowls glazed, I get more ideas from customers sometimes than me :)