Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pre trip frenzy

Why is it, when I decide to head off on a trip, my to-do list quadruples in size! Arghhh! There is a reason I am a homebody .... come to think of it, there are several reasons but this is a big one. On Thursday I'm off to visit a BFF in the big city .... a trip planned a couple of months ago.  Hubby would love to go with me 'cause I am pretty sure he's gotta a bad case of cabin fever and winter doldrums but finding a sitter for 2 dogs, 4 cats and 11 chickens, ain't easy. To top it off, son-in-law is off to a conference for a couple of the days I'm gone therefore daughter is juggling care of a 9 yr old, a 5 yr old and a 5 month old baby plus 2 vizslas (aka very energetic dogs!). Gramps has volunteered to be on deck should disaster prevail. He can add this to his list of stellar attributes ....  builder, painter (tradesman), gardener, chicken farmer, dog walker, Grampa and hubby extraordinaire!

I am mixing business with pleasure, dropping off pots to another friend and customer plus visiting my potter supply store. Our son also lives in the city and it's his birthday on Weds. He was my 25th birthday present (wink, wink ;)) so a little celebratory dinner date is in order. I can't believe my youngest is turning 34! .... yeahhh ... do the math. I also can't believe this is the last year I will be 50 something the heck did I get so old!

And let the frenzy begin .....

Work to do list:

Call Greenbarn Potters Supply re elements (Sat AM)

Ship customer order to US

Unload kiln

Run a Full Power Test

Inventory and price pots

Do inventory worksheet for Artique

Organize pots for window display 

Wrap and take pots to Artique (Monday noon)

Checklist of student tools required for Spring throwing class

Clean studio

Home to do list:

Month end bills and book-keeping (taxes will have to wait .... heck, there's lotsa time til deadline!)

Cleanup and defrag computer, backup, box and ship to Dell for servicing (fingers crossed)

Clean car (can you say Dog Hair!)


Thursday AM go to #1 Grandson's speech arts performance 

Thursday PM .... catch 2:40 PM ferry .... Roooad Trip!

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