Saturday, February 22, 2014

.... Wax on, wax off, Grasshopper ....

.... wax off? you say ... and how do you go about removing those unwanted wax splots and finger smudges? (it never fails ... I do it every time!) Here's a tip .... have a spray bottle of isopropyl (aka rubbing alcohol) and sandpaper on hand. Spray the wax on the wax spot and rub vigorously with sandpaper, repeat as needed and ... voila ... wax begone!

See those little cut up squares of cone box sponge. I use these to apply the liquid wax resist (I colour my wax with food colouring - altho' it's more effective on white clay than red). Dip the sponge in warm water, squeeze the water out, dip the sponge in the wax and squeeze out excess wax and apply. The sponge rides nicely on the edge of the pot, leaving a clean, straight, line of wax. Periodically, rinse the sponge in the warm water. I get a much better result with this method than I do fumbling about with a brush.

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