Monday, October 19, 2009

Pots & Paws

Now that the showroom has been arranged to accommodate the new blue pots (see 'the blue shelves'), I am back in my throwing cycle. Last week it was bowls, platters and a start on tumblers. This week it will be more tumblers plus berry bowls and butter bells and whatever else I can get to. It's all hands - uh, make that two hands - on deck! Gotta get 'er done - Christmas Fair & Market dates are looming!
I have had some studio help - our cats,  Ninjah, Kramer, & Cali, who love to hang out with me in the studio during the day, have also been entertaining themselves in the studio overnight. One telltale sign is finding the sponge bowl empty in the morning and my sponges strewn about the studio. The other sign - if you look close you will see paw signatures in the pots :>)

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