Sunday, April 12, 2015

Losing Time

What took me so long?? .... It was only last week I finally glaze fired the pots I talked about in my last post and that post was from a long while ago. Between then and now, in between studio time, there was Christmas, an adventure with the grandsons to Victoria, tax time, getting our guest cottage up and running and in March hubby put his back out. I did get to the studio as much as I could .... enough to fill a bisque kiln but I am vowing to do better, especially since I also made the decision to go back to selling my pots from my own little gallery in the studio. The shelves need pots! But having said that studio time will be taking a backseat again in a week. I am pretty excited to say I am heading out on my first trip to New York City with my friend Sue ... it's in celebration of turning 60. My kids spoiled me silly with show tickets and a helicopter tour .... woohoo!

So it was a bit of an experiment .... both using porcelain and trying a new glaze approach. I am ok with the porcelain, (other than the cost of the clay) but I wasn't so thrilled with the results of the soft matte black exteriors and jewelled transparent interiors ... looked much better in my mind :))

The glaze went on a bit thick on some pots which didn't help ...

Happy I gave it a try ..... but I'll be putting the works of them on the seconds shelf ... 

On the other hand,  I really did like the reaction of some of my standard glazes on the porcelain .... I'll be doing more of that combo .... 


  1. I love the black matt exterior and the interiors together, very beautiful combination

    1. Thanks, Linda! I knew someone would like them :>)) I do like a couple of them .... the little rust coloured bowls and the dark green ones. The others might grow on me over time :>)

    2. From the images I too like the contrast of the black outside and colors on the interior…… wish I were closer I'd be all over that seconds shelf! :)

      Have a wonderful vacation!! Helicopter rides!! Buckle up!

    3. You bet!! I love flying (Dad, brother, uncle were/are pilots). I missed out on a float plane ride yesterday. My uncle was cruisin' thru on his way to his fishing lodge in Ketchikan this past week. However, west coast weather being what it is it was a no go with rain and wind (today of course, when he is heading off north, it is lovely and sunny! :>))

  2. Hi Brenda.. glad to see you back at the blogging.. (I have been tardy with it as well).. I do like your 'old' glaze on the porcelain.. What clay are you using?? cone 6 Plainsman M370 by any chance?? Hope the trip to New York as fabulous!! Cheers. Trish